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Hordieiev, V. ., Shcherbakova, N. ., Popov, Y. ., Сhernyshchuk . Y. ., Syryatska, T. ., & Pavlenko, . I. . (2023). APLICAÇÃO DE TECNOLOGIAS INOVADORAS NO PROCESSO EDUCACIONAL: ASPECTO PSICOLÓGICO E PEDAGÓGICO. Synesis (ISSN 1984-6754), 15(2), 132–143. Recuperado de https://seer.ucp.br/seer/index.php/synesis/article/view/2508


The article determines that, in the preservation of cultural heritage, lifestyle, an important role is played by the subjects' high assessment of the probability of achieving the result they need through the implementation of traditional models, ways of interaction. If dissatisfaction with the results of interaction is great, but there are no necessary conditions for a phased resolution of contradictions, for changing, developing interpersonal relations within the framework of the existing system, interaction becomes more difficult. It has been determined that the presence of effective models that show the possibility of meeting the requirements for the psyche of a variety of individuals from the side of activity, activating an extended search for mutually acceptable ways to success, depends on the development of the personality and its social relations, the success of interaction between people, socially psychological climate in the team.

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