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Dang, M. H. ., & Hung, N. V. . (2023). IMPACTS OF LAND POLICY AND LAND LAW ON SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN VIETNAM. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(1), 521–536. Retrieved from


This study examines impacts of Land Policy and Land Law on Socio -economic development in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam from 1945 to present, such as, the tenure of agricultural land ownership, the State’s guidelines on land price, the policy on concentration and accumulation of agricultural land and policy on compensation for agricultural land recovery. The study also analyzes both the positive impacts and unexpected impacts of Land Policies on the Peasant Life. In the context of judicial reform in Vietnam, the issue of complete land law system has always been paid special attention by the Party and Vietnam State. The authors have combined traditional research methods of legal science such as legal analysis method, legal efficiency assessment method and legal comparison method. This study the author reviews the evolving land policy in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the impacts of Land Policy and Land Law on Socio - economic development in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and pointing out inconsistencies and shortcomings. The study concludes with recommendations to improve policy and the long-term well-being of Vietnam and its people. This research may support many develop future research in Vietnam. The study of the land law become more and more urgent and very important in Vietnam.



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