Plagiarism Policy

The editorial and peer review process plays a vital role in the publication of scientific research and to ensure this Lex Humana does not encourage any form of plagiarism or self-plagiarism, as well as duplication of submissions under any pretext or motivation.

Lex Humana strongly recommends authors to thoroughly check the content of the article before submitting it for evaluation for publication.

Lex Humana requests authors to use "Plagiarism Detection Software" to check for plagiarism before submission as a preliminary step.

Lex Humana will check all submitted articles for plagiarism or self-plagiarism before publishing them online. If plagiarism is observed at any step of the publication process, it may be rejected based on the percentage of plagiarism detected by our plagiarism software.

In this case, the article will not be accepted for publication and the author will be notified.

The author may resubmit the article only after updating it without plagiarism for a new peer review process.

Anti-plagiarism software

The following anti-plagiarism software is recommended, but authors may use others:


Farejador De Plagio