Peer review process

Lex Humana Journal utilizes a double-blind peer-review process to evaluate submissions for publication. The process is as follows:

  1. Authors should submit their contributions electronically through the Lex Humana website following the process outlined in the "Guidelines for Authors."

  2. Once a contribution has been submitted, the author(s) should follow the evaluation process on the Lex Humana website, which can take between 30 and 60 days.

  3. The evaluation process begins with the managing editor assigning an associate or guest editor to be responsible for plagiarism detection and for the indication of the evaluators or referees.

  4. The assigned or guest editor will assess the submission's adherence to the journal's guidelines and norms before submitting it to two evaluators or peer reviewers, commencing the first round of evaluation.

  5. The evaluators may be members of the Lex Humana Advisory Board or external guests of the editorial team, ensuring that the publications' scientific quality is maintained.

  6. The author(s) will be informed of the evaluators' decision following the first round of evaluation, and if conditional approval is granted, they will have seven days to make the necessary adjustments to their contribution in line with the evaluator's observations.

  7. The editor responsible for the evaluation process will determine if a second round of review is necessary for conditionally approved contributions.

  8. The peer review process only ends when all corrections required by the reviewers are accepted in the final version of the article by the authors.

Throughout the entire evaluation process, both authors' and referees' confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed. To ensure this, authors, editors, and referees should adhere to the following precautions for electronically submitted documents on the journal's website:

  • The authors should exclude any references that may lead to their identification from their document.
  • In Microsoft Office documents, the author's identification should be removed from the document properties by selecting "File" in the main menu, clicking "Save As," selecting "Tools" or "Options" on a Mac, and then selecting "Security Options." Next, the option to "Remove personal information from the file when saving" should be selected, followed by "OK" and "Save."
  • In PDFs, the authors' names should also be removed from the "Document Properties" under "File" in the main Adobe Acrobat menu.

The final decision to accept contributions for publication is dependent on the recommendation of the referees, the authors' compliance with necessary adjustments, and the final approval of the Lex Humana Editor.