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Christiani, T. A. ., Sundari , E. ., & Supriyanto , V. H. . (2023). INDONESIA FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY REGULATION FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF LEGAL PROTECTION . Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(2), 390–400. Retrieved from


In the last three years, many companies have used technology. The financial technology industry is developing based on public trust. People use the financial technology industry as a means of investing. Legal facts state that there are limited regulations governing the financial technology industry, and empirical facts show that the community receives many losses. This paper aims to find answers to whether financial technology regulation in Indonesia can provide legal protection for the community. This research is normative. The study results indicate that the existing rules have many weaknesses in normalising legal protection for the community. It takes goodwill from law enforcers to realise not only the values of legal certainty but also the values  of practicality and justice.



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