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Volodymyrovych Shvets, D. ., Loshytskyi, M. V. ., Zhukova, Y. O. ., & Kobko, Y. V. . (2022). PERSPECTIVE DIRECTIONS OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION DEVELOPMENT IN A MODERN STATE: NEW VIEWS UNDER MARTIAL LAW. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 14(1), 503–516. Retrieved from


Scientific approaches to the interpretation of the content of public administration and directions of its improvement are analyzed and generalized in the article and promising directions for its development in a modern state are developed. The content and main features of public administration are studied. It is established that the current system of public administration requires improvement in the direction of moving away from traditional management models and reorienting them to those that meet all modern challenges and international standards, focused on national needs. It is found that the main task of the state development and its integration into the international space is to reduce interregional differentiation, support and development of the existing potential of the territories, achieving decent living conditions for citizens. The development of the public administration system should be based on a systematic approach to building public administration institutions, their proper interaction with each other and with the public. On the basis of the analysis and generalization of scientific works the basic directions of public administration development in the modern state are developed.



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