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Shumilo, O. M. ., Anisimova, H. V. ., Shekhovtsov, V. V. ., & Kobko, Y. V. . (2022). MODERN LEGISLATION TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENTAL INTERESTS OF CITIZENS: NEW CHALLENGES IN THE CONTEXT OF ARMED CONFLICT IN UKRAINE. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 14(2), 107–120. Retrieved from


Protecting the environmental interests of public society is a priority for every civilized state, and therefore the issues of legislative support for such activity are of particular relevance. In this context, the authors of the article refer to the experience of developed democratic countries in order to adapt specific practical tools (means) to improve the legal regulation of the environmental sphere in Ukraine. In Western countries, in particular, such as the USA, Canada and EU members, the environment and the problems of its proper functioning have long been one of the highest priority topics for public, political and research discussion. That is why in recent years, discussions about the need to properly ensure the environmental safety of Ukraine have intensified, since attention is increasingly focused on possible threats to the domestic environment. It is emphasized that the low level of efficiency of state entities in the field of environmental policy, as well as the state of constant general inconsistency of domestic politics create certain barriers to effective solution of environmental problems. At the same time, issues related to environmental issues, including in the field of their legislative support, are increasingly raised both among scientists and in society as a whole.



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