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The purpose of the article is to analyze the concept of “management services” in the legislation of Ukraine and EU laws. Research methods are: monographic analysis, systematic analysis, comparative and legal analysis, generalization, forecasting, etc. The need to amend the legislation of Ukraine by supplementing the concept of “management services” to the Law of Ukraine “On Administrative Services”, as well as by clarifying DK 021:2015. In particular the code “79420000-4: Management services” should be defined as “79420000-4: Assistance (service) related to management”. We have emphasized that there is a possibility of developing the potential of providing services in Ukraine and strengthening the sphere of business services due to the improvement of the current legislation, in particular through the implementation of the norms of European law into the national legal system. It has been proved that effective public procurement is possible only if institutions, organizations and enterprises clearly understand the “rules of the game” in this area. It has been concluded that the incorrect semantic load of concepts (translation) in DK 021:2015, developed in accordance with the EU requirements, has potential risks in the field of public procurement, does not contribute to the active attraction of investments through participation in national and international projects, as well as to effective management decisions.




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