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The institution of invalid transactions in Russian law began to be developed in the 19th century. In the 21st century, this institution of civil law is still being studied by scholars. In the Russian doctrine, there are various scientific schools with their approaches to the epistemological essence of this institution. Since the doctrine has not suggested a unanimous opinion regarding the institution under study, there are often opposite decisions in law enforcement, which oppresses the weak party in civil legal relations who seek protection in court. Given the broad nature of this institution, the authors of the article do not pursue the goal of using empirical data from law enforcement and conducting an in-depth analysis of judicial practice. The article considers doctrinal views on the institution of invalid transactions. The topic is disclosed from the standpoint of general (systemic, theoretical, and historical analysis) and special scientific methods (comparative-legal, logical, and technical-legal analysis, specification, and interpretation). The study aims at determining the theoretical and practical nature of recognizing some transactions as invalid in the Russian Federation. The authors analyze various scientific schools and theoretically substantiate conditions for the recognition of transactions as invalid. Judicial practice is also partially considered. As a result, the authors make conclusions regarding the epistemological essence of the institution of invalid transactions.



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