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Erkek, S. ., & Örselli, E. . (2023). CITIZENS’ SATISFACTION LEVEL WITH LOCAL SERVICES: THE CASE OF KONYA-EREĞLI. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(3), 395–408. Retrieved from


The state-citizen relationship has changed with the rapid developments in information and communication technologies and the service delivery methods of public institutions and local governments have also changed. The institutions that cannot meet the expectations and demands of their citizens and cannot provide effective services for that are considered unsuccessful by the society. Therefore it is almost a necessity for public institutions and local governments to determine whether their citizens are satisfied with the services provided and to take corrective measures in services with low satisfaction. The aim of the study is to determine the level of citizens’ satisfaction with local services provided in Ereğli District of Konya Province. The survey was conducted by face-to-face interviews with 1102 people in 49 neighborhoods between 06.06.2022 and 04.07.2022 in Ereğli district center. According to the findings, three local services that the respondents are most satisfied with are "Emergency Health/Ambulance Services, fire services, police/security" services. It was also found that the level of citizens' satisfaction was affected by "local services, public transportation services, cleaning and environmental health services, park garden green space services, water and sewerage services and electricity lighting services".



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