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Bao Anh, N. T. . (2023). COMPARISON OF THE DEATH PENALTY BETWEEN VIETNAM AND CERTAIN COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(1), 436–453. Retrieved from


The historical process of the use of the death penalty and its forms is a significant part of human history and related to social issues over time. Considered a highly effective sanction for deterrence, the death penalty among countries is a matter of concern. This has become a subject of discussion and controversy when many consider that certain forms of the death penalty have seriously violated human rights conventions. At the same time, some countries intend to abolish the death penalty. Within the scope of the article, the author will analyze specifically the death penalty in Vietnam and some countries worldwide through different periods. From there, the author will provide a comprehensive view of this issue, and then the future legislative development directions of Vietnam will be evoked.



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