norm of constitutional law
system of law
constitutional law-making

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Mukhachev, I. ., Gondarenko, A. ., Gryaznov, D. ., Kazanovskaya, J. ., & Maulenov, K. . (2022). CONSTITUTIONAL LAW-MAKING AS A SOCIAL PRODUCT. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 14(2), 268–277. Retrieved from


The purpose of the study is to investigate the participation of society in the process of constitutional law-making and comprehension of this phenomenon in the modern science of law. The authors used a group of methods to achieve the goal of the study. These methods included classical general scientific methods (dialectical, formal-logical, analysis, synthesis, comparative) and private-scientific method of categorical analysis. Different approaches to the definition of the essence and types of constitutional law-making are disclosed and analyzed. The article expresses the opinion that the scope of the category of “constitutional law-making” is artificially narrowed. Authors examined the correspondence of the popular conception of law-making in general and the conception of constitutional law-making in particular to the objectives of creating a harmonious system of law.  New approaches to the definition of the essence of constitutional law-making are formulated and the conclusion about the need for modernization of the concept of constitutional law-making is made. The authors suggest that the analysis of the content of constitutional-legal phenomena requires the use of different methodologies.



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