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Kuzubova, A. ., Podoksenov, A. ., Savvina, O. ., Telkova, V. ., & Chernakov , V. . (2022). MODERNIZATION OF THE POLITICAL AND LEGAL SYSTEM AND ITS INFLUENCE ON THE REGULATION OF SOCIAL RELATIONS. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 14(2), 255–267. Retrieved from


The study of conservative legal values is relevant since they allow to harmoniously and gradually improve the political and legal system, as well as to ensure their own path to modernization. Effective modernization as a factor in the development of law depends on scientifically grounded conditions, procedures and methods for its implementation. Within the framework of this article, the authors used legal and special methods from the history of political and legal doctrines. As a result, they have revealed the key vectors of modernization taking into account the established social practices and legal values ​​of Russian conservatism. It is proposed to examine draft laws for the compliance of new provisions with traditional values ​​of the national legal system; to develop the practice of using legal customs in social regulation; to humanize law in relation to the complementary action of moral and legal values ​​and norms due to the revision of legislation. It has been concluded that modernization should proceed both from the modern legal paradigm and from the national legal tradition, mindset and established positive social practices.



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