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 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on all socio-economic sectors of a country, including the issue of corporate labor. This is considered as the core content that directly affects the existence and development of an enterprise, especially when labor relations are “frozen” during the outbreaks. In this article, we contribute an important topic about the impact of the covid 19 pandemic on businesses and evaluate the legal policy system to support businesses to overcome hardship. First, we analyze the content of limitations and obstacles that enterprises practically confront such as the maintenance of production and business activities; problems of enterprises owed wages to employees, and difficulties in paying bank interest. Second, we assess the current status of the legal policy system on credit, tax, fee, and charge; the issue that enterprises have the right to suspend the payment of social insurance premiums for employees; the matter of delaying the payment of union dues of businesses and the problem of loan support to pay salaries for employees. Third, we offer solutions and recommendations to improve the law, enhance effectively the support for businesses to overcome hindrances in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic.



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