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Skaletska, . Z. ., Oliinyk, S. ., Korniienko, P. ., Bondarenko, Y. ., & Volchenko, N. . (2023). INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF SOCIAL RIGHTS : CURRENT STATUS AND PROSPECTS FOR DEVELOPMENT. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(4), 376–389. Retrieved from


The relevance of this topic prompts a study of existing international standards of regulation, ensuring, and protection of social human rights, which in connection with the development of society becom increasingly important, as they are designed to guarantee people a decent and dignified standard of living. The purpose of this study is to analyze and determine social human rights, as well as to determine the conditions of international mechanisms and standards of their observance and protection. The results of the study is the definition of the basic concepts and terms, among which “social rights”, “international standards”, “international standards of human rights”, etc.; the history and necessity of the formation of social human rights; the list of social human rights was determined; the international legal framework, which regulates and contains social rights, was investigated and established; analyzed international standards of social human rights, their regulation, and ensuring; analyzed social rights of Ukraine and their consideration through the prism of the European integration course; worked out steps for further improvement and development of social human rights. It was proposed that in further research, more detailed attention should be paid to the comprehensive development of mechanisms to ensure and protect social human rights and their improvement in connection with the constant challenges of the present.



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