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Melnyk, S. ., Zahumenna, Y. ., Ilnytskyi, M. ., & Spivak, M. . (2023). EU-UKRAINE PARTNERSHIP IN THE SECURITY SECTOR: LEGAL FRAMEWORK AND DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS . Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(4), 73–85. Retrieved from


The article examines the legal aspects of Ukraine's security policy in the context of its European integration aspirations, taking into account Russia's open armed aggression against our country. It is noted that the European Union has gained considerable experience in ensuring security in the region through interaction between the Member States and its central security agencies, as well as in cooperation with individual non-member states, including Ukraine. On the path to Ukraine's European integration, along with traditional political and economic issues, attention is increasingly being paid to security issues. There are all the reasons for this, namely the full-scale armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the affinity of interests in the security sphere of Ukraine and the European Union, as well as the constantly growing security potential of our state, which can be effectively used in mutual interests in the post-war period. The relevance of the chosen research topic is due to the importance of the issues considered in it for Europe as a whole and for Ukraine as its constituent part, on the one hand, and on the other as a state for which the European Union is one of the priority directions of its foreign policy course. The task of this article is to clarify the substantive characteristics of the Strategy of the EU's foreign policy and security policy, to determine the specifics of Ukraine's cooperation with the European Union in security matters, as well as to clarify the place of our state in the mechanism for ensuring security and stability in Europe.

The study of issues of cooperation with the European Union in the field of security is due to the resolution of a full-scale war against Ukraine by the Russian Federation, as well as the need for our state, which claims to actively participate in the solution of security challenges in Europe, for a balanced scientific analysis of the EU's foreign policy strategy and security policy and other security issues related to Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine. This article is an attempt to contribute to the understanding of the new possibilities of the European Union in the implementation of security policy, which are important both for Ukraine and EU member states and, as a result, for the prospects of Ukraine's foreign policy in the European direction.



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