Mechanism for legal regulation
Protection of the rights of the owner
Protective function of civil law
Law enforcement mechanism
Security and protection of the interests of the owner

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Ivanchenko, E. ., Vorotilina, T. ., Nardina, O. ., Shulzhenko, I. ., & Kuleshova, N. . (2023). THE INTERESTS OF THE OWNER AS AN OBJECT OF LEGAL SUPPORT, SECURITY, AND PROTECTION. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(3), 468–478. Retrieved from


The paper presents the results of the study of the structure and real action of the human rights mechanism concerning the legitimate interests and rights of the owner, the conceptual understanding of the functioning of this mechanism’s structural components, and the search for ways to improve its effectiveness. The paper substantiates the need to identify at least five independent, interrelated elements as self-consistent structural parts of the law enforcement mechanism. An attempt is made to analyze these elements in dialectical unity. The study results make it possible to determine the elements of civil law and order aimed at comprehensive security and protection of the interests of the owner. As a result, the main guarantees of civil law and order favorable to the owner are formulated.



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