Spheres of Politics
Political System
Differentiation of Society
Social Coexistence

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Politics is important for society because it can lead to content and development.  The article aims to investigate the development of political thought among people in general, as well as to find out what role politics plays in the life of modern society. The first sources for comprehending our research were the fundamental political thoughts of philosophers in China and the entire Ancient East. A peculiar role was played by the views of Confucius, which are set forth in the book Lun Yu (also known as “The Sayings Of Confucius”) and the teachings of Mo Tzu, who put forward the idea of the contractual origin of the state and government. The prominent views and teachings of various historical philosophers and political figures up to the present day have also contributed to the creation of the article.  Politics can be of various types, situations and structural factors, the study of which allows one to understand the essence, content and role of politics in public life. Therefore, it must be stated that politics is a complex, contradictory, yet a necessary and important phenomenon of the social world. Studying this issue is a long and complex cognitive process. Philosophers and experimenters of different generations and epochs enrich the treasury of knowledge about politics, discovering even more of its aspects, characteristics, references, and disagreements. In this way, they make holistic generalizations and statements that create a diverse picture of the political life of mankind.



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