criminal proceedings
preliminary investigation
verification and evaluation of physical evidence

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Grigoryan, T. ., Gorlova, Y. ., Chasovnikova, O. ., & Bezryadin, V. . (2022). THE ORIGINS OF THE INSTITUTE OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE IN RUSSIAN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 14(1), 430–442. Retrieved from


The article discusses the historical aspects of the formation and development of the institute of physical evidence in the criminal process in Russia. The main method of research was the general scientific systematic method of cognition which made it possible to comprehensively consider the historical aspects of the formation and development of the institute of physical evidence in criminal proceedings in Russia. In modern conditions of improvement and development of the criminal process in Russia, provisions affecting the strict observance of the established procedure for criminal proceedings and procedural norms guaranteeing the protection of the individual, his rights and freedoms, the interests of society and the state from crimes, are of particular importance, by solving crimes, exposing and bringing to justice those who committed them, a fair trial and the correct application of the criminal law. The implementation of these provisions in practice is most facilitated by the study of issues of one of the central spheres of criminal procedure – physical evidence. The importance of studying this problem is dictated by the need to correctly identify and classify physical evidence when making procedural decisions in pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases, for which it is necessary to study their historical process of formation and development.



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