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Pavlichenko, H. ., Balamush, M. ., Berezhna, Y. ., & Syniavska, O. . (2022). SERVICE IN LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT BODIES AS A KIND OF PUBLIC SERVICE FROM A LEGAL PERSPECTIVE IN UKRAINE. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 14(2), 334–345. Retrieved from


Service in local self-government bodies is characterized as a kind of public service. Scientific approaches to the role and purpose of official activity in local self-government bodies are analyzed. In the context of the democracy development, this aspect of scientific research is important because in Western countries (Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, etc.) there are increased requirements for persons who are in public service and represent the state on the world stage. Ukraine is now undergoing a gradual reform of such important public spheres and institutions related to public service and the processes of providing administrative (public) services. In particular, this is about the ongoing attempt by the political leadership of Ukraine since 2014 to achieve the unification of the standards and principles of public (state and local service) with the high requirements of the standards of the EU countries, the USA and Canada. Even though with services provided in this body, issues of recognition and enforcement continue to be a great and huge place that frustrate the public service. We see still experienced elements of obstacles in the self-local services that hinders the services of the public administration. The question we are bound to ask is to establish how effective is the local self-government bodies able in ensuring the implementation of the activities of the public service. Given the high role that local governments traditionally play in democratic societies, characteristics inherent in public service are identified. In particular, proposals are presented on introducing amendments and additions to the national legislation of Ukraine, which regulates the issues of public service.



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