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The commission of crimes is not an exception irrespective of the field where these crimes are being committed. The tendency remains that when it comes to financial management in a country, there is always the misappropriation of funds by those persons in the states as preserving the financial might of the society. It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the administrative officials is in ensure that those who mismanaged the resources of the country should be prosecuted for such an offense. This article articulates that, it's the responsibility of the regulatory bodies and officials of the State of Ukraine in making sure that they combat those offenses committed in the customs sphere of the country. In attaining this objective place, it becomes worrisome is asking whether those who were supposed in ensuring the combat of crime in the customs area of the country are doing what they are supposed to do as specified by the laws of the country. In answering the above research question a research method that is dialectic in nature by assessing whether there is a development in the legal principles in Ukraine when dealing with combatting crime in the customs sector of the country. From the finding of this method, it is held that there is some degree of inefficiency at the level of the administrative law when combatting crimes in customs in the country, as there is still an increase in crimes in the customs sector. It is therefore on this note that research was considered necessary.



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