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Khrystynchenko, N. ., Tataryn, N. ., Hrokholskyi, V. ., Tomliak, T. ., & Starostin, O. . (2023). CORRUPTION IN THE CIVIL SERVICE AS A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(4), 414–426. Retrieved from


This article deals with the topical issue of corruption in the civil service and its impact on national security. The analysis of the main causes and mechanisms of corruption existing in the sphere of public administration reveals the consequences of corruption on a national scale. The article provides examples of corruption in public service, such as extortion of bribes, abuse of official position, failure to declare assets, and others. The importance of fighting corruption to ensure national security is also highlighted. The author indicated that corruption in the civil service can create serious threats to the country, such as undermining citizens' trust in the government, violation of law and order, promotion of crime and illegal activities, loss of trust on the part of the international community, and others. The article also provides recommendations on preventing and fighting corruption in the public service in order to strengthen the national security of the state.



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