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Ordov, K. ., Tsertseil, J. ., & Zatsarnaya, N. . (2023). ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTS OF THE GREEN BOND MARKET IN RUSSIA. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(2), 268–281. Retrieved from


An analysis of the dynamics of the green bond market development indicators is presented in this article. The analysis was carried out in the sectoral context based on data from the Russian green bond market. The authors assessed the development potential of the Russian green bond market. The assessment was carried out with the aim of achieving the market's target indicators in the field of ESG-orientation. The analyzed data showed that while the Russian green bond market is still relatively small, there is significant potential for growth in the coming years, driven by increasing demand from investors and a growing pipeline of potential issuers. The bigger potential for the development of the green bond market in Russia showed the Utility sector which may become the driving force of the market next years.



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