Conceptual Approach
State Management
System of Social Work
State and Public Governance
Civil Society
Transitive theory

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Zhuk , O. ., Malynovskyi , V. ., Silvestrova, O. . ., & Haponchuk, O. . (2023). MODERN CONCEPTS AND THEORIES OF STATE MANAGEMENT OF THE SYSTEM OF SOCIAL WORK. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 15(2), 110–121. Retrieved from


An analysis of valid theories and conceptual approaches of state management was conducted in modern concepts in order to determine positive and negative aspects and their influence on society based on various criteria. The purpose of the academic paper is to consider the definition of various management concepts and theories, to analyze the degree of adequacy of applying state governance in the system of social work. The following methods were used in the course of the research: analysis, synthesis, generalization, explanation and qualification of data. The primary sources for comprehending the present research are the fundamental concepts of management in the works of such foreign researchers as E. Downey, A. Etzioni, D. Easton, G. Laswell, O. Morgenstern, G. Simon, C. Lindblom, J. March, etc. The academic paper provides a generalized description of various schools of governance that have developed over the past century. Several new models-approaches to managing social development have been studied. It has been proved that the modern state management of the system of social work is developing as a state and public governance involving civil society based on social partnership. The degree of adequacy of modern theories and concepts for applying in managing the system of social work by the state is analyzed. The research author has proposed a transitive theory of state management of the system of social work.



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