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Stadolin, M. ., Petrina , O. ., Sorokin, A. ., Polovnikova, A. ., & Zhuchkov, V. . (2022). IMPROVEMENT OF THE MECHANISMS OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY REGULATION. Lex Humana (ISSN 2175-0947), 14(1), 540–551. Retrieved from


The article is devoted to the topic of improving the mechanisms of regulation of the tourism and hospitality industry. It is established that state authorities need to strive for the formation of a unified system of public administration of the tourism and hospitality industry that would cover the strategy and tactic of introducing state policy for the industry and be implemented by means of public administration mechanisms. It is also determined that assessment criteria for the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration of tourism and hospitality industry can serve as a basis for monitoring the activities of state authorities in such vital directions as population employment, the nation’s cultural level, national wealth, international prestige of the state, infrastructure of the economy of the country and its regions, population welfare, and the innovation and investment climate. The study shows that the organizational mechanism of public administration of the tourism and hospitality industry requires a reform of the regulation system itself, as well as a clarification of the distribution of powers between the central and regional executive authorities.



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